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Four Great Content Ideas…

When it comes time to work on your business, rather than in your business, do you sometimes struggle with what to include in your next newsletter or an interesting theme for your next promotion? If so, here are four easy and effective ideas.

1. What’s the biggest design disaster you’ve experienced and the lesson you learned? 
I know it seems counterintuitive to tell your clients and potential clients
how you may have screwed up in the past; but people want to deal with
people, not faceless, soulless corporations, and people make mistakes.
Or, if you feel uncomfortable being that confessional, flip the concept
and explain how you solved an unusual decorating dilemma.  

2. Offer a time-saving tip.
Everyone realizes that in our over-scheduled world, time is indeed
a luxury. So give your audience a time-saving tip: how to clean blinds
faster and easier, how to organize their design inspiration files, the
top five questions they should ask when interviewing a designer, etc.

3. Give them an “Industry Insider’s” secret or perspective.
Consumers today are information sponges, looking to absorb as much
as they can about a subject that interests them. Help them out by
giving them some insider knowledge: a drapery dressing or styling
trick; a preview of new fabric collections or products that won’t be
launched for a few months yet; it can even be as simple as defining
a few industry specific terms for them.

4. Provide a tutorial or guide for a complicated process.
This is a bit like #3 above, but more detailed and specific. It could
be in the form of word document, describing all the steps, it could
be a complicated pattern that you further customized, or it could
even be in the form of a video. Perhaps you have a complicated
install coming up: A series of time-lapse photos, showing your
arrival in the morning, the removal of the current window treatments,
the process of installing the new treatments, the dressing and styling,
the clean-up, etc. All of sudden it’s hours later…and that’s just one
part of the job! This concept of giving away a bit of your specialized
knowledge helps the consumer truly see that there’s in much more
involved than they ever realized!

Are any of you already using any of these approaches? If so, please tell us about your experiences.

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