Breaking Free of Self-Limitations

26 June 2008 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

For most small business owners and solo practitioners business growth and expansion is often self-limiting. What I mean by that is the business is often only “you” and there’s only so much one person can handle and still have time for, you know, a life. This is especially true when revenue is based on billable hours; after all you can’t add more hours to the day!

One way around this self-limitation is to expand the capacity of your businesses most important asset–you!

Here’s a couple of ways to approach this:

  1. Learn More to Earn More
    Adding a new skill or ability to your offerings will not only make your business more appealing to new set of prospects, it will also give you a legitimate reason to get back in touch with past clients. Take the next couple of months to add one new talent to your roster and then make sure to get the word out.
  2. Increase Your Flexibility
    You’re smart, you’re talented and you’ve got a ton of great information in your head. Figure out some ways to make your knowledge earn for you without you having to be there. Think about how you can make your services and abilities more flexible in order to meet the needs of different clientele. Can you create a newsletter that shares your business expertise? Can you teach some of your skills to a new generation? How can you take your skills and f-l-e-x them to reach new markets.
  3. Transform Yourself From a Doer to a Leader
    Many business owners are the ‘doers’ in their business… they have built the business from scratch on their own and continue to do much of the work themselves, either out of habit or the need for control. And this, of course, can only take a business so far. As a leader your role is going to change, but it doesn’t need to be all heavy self-help books and stuff. Leaders have the ability to be passionate and hold true to a vision, and to inspire others to act based on that vision. And as mostly solo-preneurs, we’re pretty passionate!

When people grow, their business grows. So think about some of the options above and how you might implement them into your new business direction.

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