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6 August 2008 at 9:07 am 2 comments

So somewhere in the blogosphere I came across a link to a style definition quiz and it turned out to be a fine way to spend a sticky summer afternoon. My problem is I don’t have one “style” I like, but many different looks, and I’m in a constant struggle between the “mom” in me who wants everything spic, span and in order and the “boho soul” who enjoys the visual adventure of found treasures, piles of books, etc.

So, on my first go-around with the style quiz, I was dubbed a “Home-Coming Queen” with the following general definition:

“Nothing – budgets included – stops you from putting your all into creating a dream home. Your look is quintessentially feminine: cool, pretty colours; layered patterns and textures; and flawless attention to every detail. You like to spend every spare moment on home improvements and making your fantasy become reality. Your home is as pretty as a chocolate box and almost good enough to eat.”

And here’s one of the key photos I choose in the process, a modern classic living room by Fox Nahem Design. I definitely love it, but it’s not totally me.


Fox Nahem Design

Fox Nahem Design

So I went in search of other photos that perhaps represent other other facets of my style and this is what I came up with.


Bedroom from an older copy of Marie Claire Maison

Bedroom from an older copy of Marie Claire Maison



By designer Matthew Smyth

By designer Matthew Smyth


From Inside Out magazine, date unknown

From Inside Out magazine, date unknown




A luminous bedroom by Lucinda Symons

A luminous bedroom by Lucinda Symons

All of these bedrooms speak to me, each appealing to a slightly different aspect of my style personality. I went back and took the test a second time and ended up with a different result…I might just drop by on a regular basis!

Take the test and let us know your results.

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  • 1. hari  |  24 November 2008 at 7:26 pm

    I like this article, could you give me article about modern minimalist home

  • 2. Linda H. Bassert  |  29 November 2008 at 10:36 am

    I found the test very interesting – and done with the flair and tact that is found in Great Britain. I came out as “Comfy Country”: “Classic country style is almost universally appealing, especially when it’s pulled off with the panache that you bring to interior design. Your home is warm and welcoming and lovingly lived in. Whether consciously or instinctively, you pull rooms together around key pieces, matching or complementing pattern and colour so as not to overwhelm the viewer.” I found the description fairly much on target – I do emphasize a welcoming home, gracious hospitality, rooms that are comfortable but with style. I also tend to start with the client’s art work, and let that inspire the rooms, so they do vary from room to room. The monochromatic, neutral palatte is not my preferred cup of tea, at home or in working with my clients. I tend to encourage someone who feels safe with neutrals to let their artwork inspire some variation, to let the house breathe, and flow, while still staying true to the owners. Thanks for pointing out the test… Wish you had kept up your posting….


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