The Future of Marketing: Part 2

30 April 2009 at 9:51 pm 1 comment

8. Infinite number of channels today you can own your own channel- whether it’s a blog, podcast, You Tube or Facebook. You need to understand that you need to be where people want to go; not demand them to go where you are.

9. Consumer to Consumer Transactions Sales transactions are cutting out the middle man. Think about sites like, Paypal, E bay or It’s about getting out of way and connecting people to each other.

10. Scarcity + Abundance There has been a flip from what is scarce and what is abundant. What was once scarce is now abundant and what was once abundant is now scarce. What is an example in your industry? How can you capitalize on that opportunity? Smart brands are taking advantage of that flip and figuring out how to take advantage of it

11. Big Ideas used to be advertising ideas and had little to do with the product- Alka Seltzer, Squeeze the Charmin, etc. are examples. Now the big idea is a product idea. Like iphone.

12. Who vs. How Many  What used to be most important was how many people you reached, how many times did you send your message; how many people heard it; how many people bought it. Not anymore it’s about who- who gives permission to open your email or read your postcard; who are they; what are they looking for .

13. The new gatekeepers are bloggers and viral media. It’s about people telling people. We are all looking for a tribe to follow and we are looking for leaders to connect us to a tribe

14. Scarcity vs. Ubiquity- Scarcity is what is rare and worth paying for. Ubiquity is being everywhere (especially with digital products) – the most viewed on YouTube, most downloads. Godin calls it the Seinfeld Curve. You can win by being everywhere or you can win by being rare- especially for digital goods. You just need to decide which direction you want to take. It is happening on either end and the middle falls apart.

Finally, I will leave you with a question from Seth: Are you looking for consumers for your products or products for consumers?

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The Future of Marketing Get on The Web

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  • 1. Akio  |  26 July 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Thanks you, very interesting, but, you forgot number 7


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