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About the DBRX Team

Deb Barrett is the principal in Window Dressings, Inc. a custom window treatment and soft furnishings firm near Chicago, Illinois. Barrett is an award winning designer who has built a reputation for cutting edge couture treatments and as a professional speaker, columnist and author. Her work regularly appears in leading industry publications. During her successful tenure in design she has had extensive experience in a broad range of areas. Her fascination with what’s around the corner and the constant search for inspiration has led her to her current role as a design thinking strategist.

Susan Schultz is a principal in Space Downtown, a home furnishings design, product development and marketing firm based in New York City. Throughout her successful and diverse career as a design professional, Schultz has become known for her insightful observations and analysis of new opportunities in design. Schultz’s passion for discovery is now focused on emerging design talents from around the globe; introducing them to the US market through her firm and in her role as design thinking strategist.

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What are People Saying about Design Business RX

Deb and Susan’s RX Seminar was the best thing I did for myself this year!!    Helped me think “out of the box”…  ~  “I feel that I am now marketing who I am, my authentic self…”   ~   “….very liberating….”   ~    “Their information on marketing, the change in the design world today, and personal critique have changed my direction in my business. “

Hi Deb and Susan,
I just wanted to let you know that my focus about my business has changed a lot since we met. I have not yet implemented everything I have wanted to yet, but I am working towards it.  Ever since I started focusing on the VALUE vs. the price, things have really perked up and I have found that I now have an answer when customers ask me about the price… instead of stumbling.
Thanks so much for our influence!!
Elizabeth Gerdes
After my trip to Atlanta and DBRx, I was so excited I came back and on July 3rd I gave my notice to Robb and Stucky.  I am going to be opening my own window covering and soft fashion store. Thanks for all the great ideas you have sent my way.
Jane Kraak

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