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10 Questions to Ask When Specing GREEN



With the skyrocketing demand for all things green, designers are having to ride the Eco wave whether they like it or not. The market for sustainable products is so fluid; most designers don’t have time to keep up with all the new developments. That coupled with what seems like a daunting task to understand certifications, programs and accreditation we sometimes don’t have a clue where to start or what to choose.

 Here are some basic questions all design pros can ask their suppliers to help them choose wisely.

1. Does your company have an internal environmental policy? If so, what is it?

2. Is the finished product tested or certified by any third-party certifiers or environmental agencies? If so which one(s)?

Recent posts on Window Pro have highlighted the confusion in this area. There are mixed legal opinions and confusing data out there regarding window coverings and what qualifies as energy efficient for  the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act tax credits. Imagine the confusion about sustainability or LEED.

3. What is the product’s life expectancy? Does your company accept items back for recycling or reuse?

4.Does the product contain recycled content? If so is it post-consumer and/or post-industrial?

5. Is the scrap material from the manufacturing process reused or recycled? Does your company have programs in place to reduce other manufacturing waste and pollution?

6. Does the product negatively impact indoor air quality upon installation? Have efforts been taken to reduce toxic emissions in the manufacturing process?

7. How is the product packaged? Is any of the packaging reused and if so, does your company have a system for collection? recently ran a promotion asking their users to submit alternative uses for packaging materials. The contest included all types of packing materials from boxes, plastic bottles, glass, bubble wrap, etc.

8. How are the product’s orignal materials transported to the factory? How far do they travel? Are you using efficient shipping methods?

9. If the product consumes energy while functioning can you provide its performance stats?

10. Does your company foresee innovations in the product that will lead to a lowering of its environmental impact?

Think metal headrails, parts, fiberglass wands.

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